Interior Wellness Design Trends

While quarantined homeowners began to create home relaxation areas two years ago, the trend is still going strong. A recent report from the American Society of Interior Designers found that "health and wellness" was a top interior design trend.

Today's homeowners are creating in-house retreats where they can relax, detox, and increase their wellness.

Infrared saunas are popular choices with homeowners looking for the benefits of a traditional sauna with less expense and steam. Also called high-infrared or dry heat saunas, these are available with the same look as a wood sauna enclosure or even in blanket form.

Areas with soothing décor and colors are equally popular. Also known as "meditation corners", these usually provide sufficient room for yoga or other relaxing pursuits. Plants are another feature, as they improve indoor air quality by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Homeowners with larger budgets and more square footage have taken the concept further, adding soaking tubs and skylights that provide more Vitamin D.

Considering that the past two years have delivered plenty of stress, adding a relaxation area is never a bad idea...and the ideal venue is your home.


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