Tips for Purchasing Furniture and Appliances (What You Want To Know Wednesdays) brings us some excellent tips to save money while purchasing appliances or furniture. Home appliances and furniture can be very costly, especially if you deal with a savvy salesperson.   Luckily, there are some tips to make the whole experience easier on your wallet.

  • Call ahead to stores – Save yourself some time and energy by calling ahead to compare prices.
  • Walk a little farther – Walk to the corners and all the way to back of the store. You can find floor models, scratched tables, and slightly damaged sofas. These items can be deeply discounted.  
  • Time your purchase right – Shop when retailers need your money more than you need their products.  

o   September, October, and January are when manufacturers put out new products, so they are trying to get rid of older models

o   Also, the end of each month stores will be trying to meet their quotas

o   Holiday weekends

o   Off season

  • Use a shopping cart and walk away – When you’re shopping online you can add items to your cart. Add items, and walk away. The retailer may send you a coupon to encourage you to buy.
  • Combine discounts – Stack coupons to save the most money.
  • Buy returned furniture – Ask a salesperson if there is any returned furniture available for a discount.
  • Send in your rebate – Don’t forget to keep track of your rebates! Keep your receipt and send it into the manufacturer or store.   You’d be surprised at how rebates can add up.