The Keys To A Successful Open House

Even if you don’t find a buyer at the open house, you can still network with other agents and potential clients. You’ll build business for yourself and find an agent who is looking for something on behalf of another client.

Here are some tips for a successful open house and a few things to avoid.

  • Advertise event online.
  • Place Open House sign outside one week prior.
  • Use Phone Apps for guided tours.
  • Set ground rules like no one using the bathroom.
  • Remove things relating to Sport teams, religious items, taxidermy.
  • Get the sellers out of the house...and animals too.
  • Have sellers lock up valuables.
  • Sign In form so you can help clients that don’t like the house.
  • Choose an “off” hour later than other Open Houses to reduce competition and leave a final impression.
  • Print Old Fashioned brochures so people have something to take with them.


Things you should not do:

  • Ignore the lawn. The lawn is an extension of the house.
  • Accept the smell. Don’t leave a litter box or similar scent in a spot where it could ruin the home.
  • Leave unfinished projects. Loose wires or visible piping could cost you a sale.
  • Forget the mess. Dirty dishes, unmade beds, and other simple cleaning tasks make a big difference.


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