Reasons to Buy During the Holiday ( What You Want To Know Wednesdays )

What is your favorite part about the holidays? Family gatherings, holiday cheer, snow, the list goes on. I bet you do not think about purchasing your dream home.  It might even sound downright silly to consider moving during the holidays. However, there are several perks to changing scenery during the holiday season.  Here are some reasons to buy, that make your move worth the effort.


1. It’s not as overwhelming - Typically there is a dip in the number of homes for sale compared to other seasons. According to the National Association of Realtors, the amount of homes for sale during the holiday season is 20 percent to a third lower than other seasons. The lower inventory may work to your advantage, especially as a first time homebuyer.

2. Envision what’s in store – There is no better time of the year to see how your home will look like during the holidays and how you will keep your new home warm and toasty. Bonus tip: ask for photographs of the home during the warmer months so you can see what the landscape and exterior features look like without snow and fall leaves.  

3. You might get a better deal – There is less competition in the marketing during the cooler months. Therefore, the sellers are more motivated to sell their homes and may take lower offers or be more willing to negotiate.  Houses are priced to sale.

4. Use your vacation wisely –  You may have family visiting for the holidays; get their feedback about your new home. In addition, it is easier to move while the kids aren’t in school.

5. Holiday related sales – You’ll have a whole new home to furnish – take advantage of holiday sales and year end clearance.