Offer Letters (What You Want To Know Wednesdays)

An unexpectedly important document in the home buying process is the offer letter. What is the offer letter? The offer letter is written by the buyer to the seller. It will detail your motives for purchasing a new home, and why you want that particular home. It will also include the money you are offering.  Sellers will want top dollar for their homes, but don’t discredit the emotional attachment they have to their home and the value of knowing that their home will be taken care of.  Sometimes a seller will take a lower offer because they feel that the buyers are better suited for the home.  Here are some tips to write an offer letter that will outshine the rest.

Build your offer around what you learned at the showing – Mention that the home has been very loved and you plan to love it just as much. Point out specific examples.

Explain your offer bid – This is especially important if your offer is low.

Relate to the seller – Point out parts of the home that relate to you on a personal level.

Write about your vision for the home – Do you envision raising a family in the home? Tell the seller how this is the home of your dreams.

Be honest – You don’t want to oversell your offer and sound fake. Write from your heart.


Don’t forget to get pre-approved to help your offer hold enough more power!