Mountain West Financial, Inc. Partners With UPS For Exclusive Employee Home Loan Program

Mountain West Financial is excited to partner with UPS employees for our exclusive AMP Home Loan Program. AMP (Advantage Mortgage Program) unlocks new employee benefit offerings with an exclusive home loan program. Benefits include competitive rates & special pricing, reduced underwriting and processing fees. Our goal is to provide employees with exceptional service and an exclusive home loan program to purchase or refinance a home.

UPS employees can now take advantage of special pricing and reduced fees for their home loans – simply for working there! “Partnering with UPS to offer the exclusive mortgage benefits of Mountain West Financial’s Advantage Mortgage Program (AMP) is a win-win situation. UPS wins by offering an employee benefit that doesn’t cost the employer a dime, the UPS employee wins by receiving the exclusive benefits of AMP just for working there, and Mountain West Financial wins by helping another family save money,” said Tonya Todd, Senior VP Strategic Products at Mountain West Financial, Inc. If your company is looking to expand their benefit offerings to include an exclusive Home Loan Program, please email [email protected] for more information.