Eight Amazing Apps For Realtors

Realtors are very busy people, and we know your time is valuable. It can be hard to stay organized on the go, but technology can make that task much easier. Your phone is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to organization and time management. Here are some apps that can help save you time and keep all of your important information organized.

  1. Dropbox -  Realtors deal with very important paperwork. Digitize those documents and keep them with you at all times. You can also share documents with your clients.
  2. Evernote – The modern day pen and paper, this app will store your notes for FOREVER.
  3. Magisto – What’s better than photos of your open houses? Videos! You can easily create walk through videos that will look professional.
  4. Buffer – Do you spend a lot of time advertising on social media? Pre-schedule all of your posts to save time!
  5. Keynote – Easily create presentations on your Iphone, or Ipad.
  6. LinkedIn – Step up your professional network by using the LinkedIn app to pull contact information directly from profiles and store it in your contact information.
  7. Streak - Do you wonder how effective your marketing materials are? Track when your clients open your emails and see which pieces pack the most punch.
  8. Bond -  Handwritten thank you cards are a special thought that will set you apart, but they are time consuming. This app will connect you with a company that will mail a handwritten card on your behalf. You can personalize the card all via the app.

*Courtesy of EasyAgentPro.com