Consider These Updates Every 10 Years ( What You Want To Know Wednesdays )

Just as groceries have a shelf life; items and appliances in your house will need to be replaced every so often. Some items will need frequent replacing and others can go a long time without needing a helping hand.  Msn.Com brings us a list of 8 suggested updates to make every 10 years in your home.

 New carpet – Signs that you need to replace your carpet are; rips, tears, stains, and odors that will not go away, even after cleaning.

New hot water tank – There may be no symptoms of a failing hot water tank so it’s important to keep an eye on its age and replace accordingly.

Update ceiling fans – A midrange fan should last about 10 years if it is running frequently. A sign that it might be time to replace yours is the lightbulbs seem to burn out more frequently than normal.

New Dishwasher – Signs that you should replace your dishwasher include poorly cleaned dishes and cracks. You can purchase an energy efficient model that will pay for itself over time.

New garbage disposal – Blades can dull over time. The average life span is 10-12 years.

New washer and dryer – Be wary of any leaks or poorly washed clothes and consider purchasing energy efficient models.

New paint – Paint can dull over time due to humidity, high traffic, etc.

Re-caulk showers, bathtubs, and sinks – It will not only improve seals – it will look much brighter.