Budgeting (What You Want To Know Wednesdays)

Every day we seem to be reminded of how important it is to budget, and adhere to our budget goals. Budgeting is particularly useful when you want to purchase a home. It is never too late to start budgeting.  Setting a budget can relieve stress because you know how much money you have, and exactly where your money is going to go. The summer is a great time to re-evaluate your spending habits because of rising electric bills due to using the air conditioner more frequently. Here are some tips on how to create a budget binder to stay organized.

  1. Get a binder – You can find an affordable binder at any store. This will help you stay organized. You can create your own sections in the binder, or you can purchase a budget binder already made. Should you choose to create your own binder, there are several free printable on the internet that are just a google search away.

  2. Monthly calendar – This will be one of the most important parts of the binder – you will keep your bills on track.

  3. Debt tracking sheet – List all of your debts that have a monthly balance and keep track of how much the totals are going down monthly.

  4. Total income and expense worksheet - Track your yearly financial goals here and make sure you are on track.

  5. Make it your own – This is your budget binder; personalize it to your liking and what works for you.




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