6 Crazy Simple Ways To Make Your House Smell Great

I am sure that everyone could easily use smells to be happier at home. Try one or more of these six simple ways to make your home smell great:

  1. Hang eucalyptus in the shower: Buy 2-3 sprigs at a time to hang in your shower and be sure to hang them in a far corner where they won’t get wet. Therefore, when you are showering the humidity will activate the oils and create a spa-like experience.
  2. Place dryer sheets behind your vents: Simply grab a few dryer sheets and place them behind the A/C vents to enjoy fresh laundry smell for days.
  3. Make your own lavender linen spray: With just rubbing alcohol, lavender essential oil, distilled water and five minutes, you can create your own lavender linen spray to have your linens and laundry smell like a field of wild flowers.
  4. Lather your sink with Mrs. Meyers dish soap: Once you are done doing dishes, give your whole sink a lather and rinse with dish soap making your sink smell great even longer.
  5. Cloves and orange skins, together at last: Take an orange and press cloves into the skin of the orange. Then wrap it with a cord or fabric piece to hang in your kitchen or living room to last up to 2 weeks.
  6. Drop a little Essential Oil onto your furnace filter: Simply add a few drops of your favorite oil each time you change your furnace filter to give your home fresher air quality.                                                                     *Courtesy of Brightnest.com