12 Thank-You Notes Guaranteed To Generate Real Estate Leads

In our fast paced world, our days are filled with emails, texts and voicemails. As a consumer, which would you rather receive—a thank you email, or if someone takes the time to handwrite you a note in a lovely thank-you card and mails it to you. Which one makes you feel special? Definitely a handwritten notes shows that you took the extra time and thought to do something for another person. Here are 12 thank you notes that you should be written that may also generate more leads in the process:

  1. Thank You After Giving Listing Presentation
  2. Thank You For Your Listing
  3. Thank You After Not Getting The Listing
  4. Thank You To Buyer After Showing
  5. Thank You After Purchase
  6. Buyer Thank You After Close Of Escrow
  7. For Sale By Owner Thank You
  8. Happy Anniversary
  9. Referral Thank You
  10. New On The Market Card
  11. Thank You To Anyone Who Give You Service
  12. Telephone Contact

Bonus Tip: With each card, don’t forget to include a few business cards.

*Courtesy of inman.com