10 Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring

If you are short on time or motivation for a traditional spring cleaning, try to do a Spring home refresh instead with these 10 ideas to greet the Spring season.


  1. Fresh up the front porch: Clean any porch furniture, add/clean cushions and lay down a new welcome mat. If you are feeling bold, try updating your front door with a new fresh coat of paint.
  2. Launder rugs, slipcovers and curtains: If you are looking for a softer, spring look in a room try replacing the rug, slipcover on furniture, or curtains.
  3. Tidy the entry: Put away your winter gear, piles of shoes and try to unclutter the space by adding storage or a few hooks or a basket to collect stray items.
  4. Clean interior windows, mirrors and light fixtures: Clean interior windows make for a brighter home. Don’t forget to wipe down the mirrors and light fixtures to maximize illumination.
  5. Make your kitchen counter a place of peace: The kitchen counter is known to accumulate all kinds of stuff. Remove everything from the counters, clean and put everything away to its rightful home.
  6. Tweak a photo wall display: Change up your wall art and photos to shift the room.
  7. Plant a living centerpiece: Instead of the usual flowers, place one or more containers of succulents for a fresh spring look. If you aren’t a fan of succulents, try planting wheatgrass instead.
  8. Order up some photo books or prints: If you haven’t printed for awhile, take some time to print or create a photo book so that they don’t just live on the computer or in your phone.
  9. Clear bedroom clutter: Remove everything from your nightstand and the piles you have collected around the room. Clean and purge items you no longer need. A clean bedside makes for a more restful night’s sleep.
  10. Set up your patio for outdoor living: With nicer weather upon us, it’s time to clean patio furniture with soapy water, wash pillow covers, and make a list of things you want to add this year.

*Courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com